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Short-Distance Transport

Reducing distances, joining cities

We are the main operator of Short-Distance transport services in Madrid, Andalusia, Aragon, Alicante and Salamanca. In Mexico, ADO is one of the main metropolitan transport operators of the State of Mexico.

Short-Distance mobility is an important challenge to Public Administrations in that they need to offer high-quality services in very complex environments given their diversity, which calls for creative, made-to-measure responses. Adaptation to the territory is evident in locations like Madrid, where the level of service required must befit the requirements of a leading European metropolitan area; or regions such as Aragon, where accessibility of citizens from any town, including the most remote locations, is key.

The constant renewal of the fleet, in addition to the recent introduction of vehicles equipped with hybrid technology, makes it possible for us to offer a sustainable, high-quality service. A wide range of vehicle types respond to the different needs of our customers. We fulfil and develop the principles of universal accessibility above and beyond regulatory requirements. As a result, we are the leading experts when it comes to Short-Distance mobility and the perfect partner for Public Administrations.

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