Quality, excellence and satisfaction


Our value proposition is a distinguished service.
The key elements in ensuring customer satisfaction: Safety, Quality and Promptness.

experiencia avanza

The Avanza Experience

We focus all our efforts on ensuring that the travel experience is exceptional. Our services stand out on account of their promptness, safety, comfort and good passenger care: from the information we provide to the customer service we offer.

servicios e innovacion

Services and Innovation

The future of public transport involves offering unique experiences to passengers. To this end, we place service quality at the heart of Avanza’s operations.

We provide and promote services that exceed the expectations of our passengers


Responding to our customers’ opinions is our priority

Avanza carries out periodic surveys, which make it possible to identify user satisfaction levels and ensure our services continuously improve. This guarantees the excellence of our operations.

At Avanza, we safeguard the quality of our service through a comprehensive certified management system, both in terms of quality and the environment and safety. We comply at all times with national and international regulations and carry out both internal and external audits on a regular basis, submitting the services provided to a constant, critical review that helps us to identity areas for improvement.


Quality and excellence for customer satisfaction


Periodic satisfaction surveys


Continuous improvement

Avanza calidad