We improve the mobility of the cities and their inhabitants

Urban mobility

We dynamise cities to improve the lives of their inhabitants

Our experience in mobility operations throughout Spain makes us the first private operator of urban transport services in mainland Spain, with an integrated mobility model that encompasses buses, bicycles and trams.

From this position, at Avanza we have helped Public Administrations to fulfil their mobility objectives, increase the number of passengers and improve satisfaction amongst citizens. We support Public Administrations in identifying the current and future mobility needs of each city, in addition to creating effective solutions that convert projects into reality.

We have extensive, productive experience: in Mexico, where we operate Line 3 of the Metro bus in Mexico City, which features 64 buses; and in the city of Puebla, Line 2 of the Urban Articulated Transport Network. One of the key aspects of the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) System is the System’s Control Centre, of which ADO is the concessionaire. Through the control centre, we manage a fleet of 377 buses and 151 stations to provide 800,000 passengers with transport each day.

Gestión del Tranvía de Zaragoza

Más de 28 millones de viajeros

Gestión de la mayor red de transporte urbano a través de un operador privado en España: Zaragoza, con más de 300 autobuses, 80 millones de viajeros y más de 18 millones de km al año.

Public bicycle systems

Metro de Granada

Más de 11 millones de viajeros

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