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Station Management

A meeting point at your service

We are the largest private bus station management operator in Spain and, as part of Mobility ADO, one of the main operators worldwide, managing the TAPO bus station in Mexico City, with more than 20 million passengers every year.

The additional services offered to passengers at the Group’s Intermodal Stations (catering services, leisure, shopping, etc.) allow us to enhance the travel experience. Avanza designs these areas of mobility, beyond their use as an intermodal connection hub, as centres of entertainment and enjoyment.

The constant modernisation of our facilities converts them into quality spaces in which travellers enjoy themselves and constantly feel cared for. The inclusion of new information technologies into transport services encourages passengers to travel with the company again in the future. For example, Madrid’s South Bus Station is a pioneer in Europe in terms of surveillance and control systems, thanks to an innovative facial recognition system that increases the safety of the station’s users.

Avanza gestión estaciones


40 años de experiencia

Years of Experience

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Passengers each year

Madrid’s South Bus Station is the largest infrastructure of its kind in Spain and one of the main infrastructures in Europe