We improve living standards through mobility


Since the beginning, Avanza’s main mission has been to contribute to the mobility of people in favour of the progress of society. We seek to satisfy the mobility needs of citizens, promoting links between towns and making it possible to discover new places.

At Avanza, we are faithful to our commitment to perform our activities responsibly, which involves seeking integrated mobility solutions by providing a high-quality, reliable, accessible, safe and environmentally-friendly service.

Our goal is to become the most reliable company preferred by both our users and employees, positioning us as a reference point in terms of mobility in the Spanish passenger transport industry.

Estación Sur Avanza
When you find something in life that genuinely moves you, it doesn’t matter what distances or journeys stand in your way


All employees at Mobility ADO are guided by a series of essential values
that define our company and make it unique


Our company is made up of people and focuses on people; they are the foundations upon which our values rest.

Passion to serve

Service provides us with the opportunity to resolve the needs of our users, customers and employees and we enthusiastically fulfil our responsibilities.


At Avanza, we always act in an appropriate manner, adopting a positive attitude that adapts to different circumstances. Earning the trust of our customers is one of our corporate objectives.

Quality and productivity

We harness our resources to the maximum and efficiently and responsibly manage our processes and systems to reach the goals we have set ourselves.


We only employ what is absolutely necessary to efficiently go about our business.


Our corporate responsibility leads us to take into account the creation of value in all our decisions, to safeguard the results and ensure the growth and future of the company.

Avanza misión y valores